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FemBridge Announces Inclusive CareBridge: Custom Community-Based Ecosystem for SDoH Resources to Population Health

Press Release - ICB Launch

Jul 9, 2024

Press Release

FemBridge Announces Inclusive CareBridge: Custom Community-Based Ecosystem for SDoH Resources to Population Health

July 9, 2024

West Virginia – FemBridge, a pioneer in women's health solutions, is excited to announce Inclusive CareBridge, a revolutionary expansion of their highly successful closed-loop SDoH screening, resource coordination, and custom community-based ecosystem. This innovative platform, which has already transformed the landscape of women’s health, is now being extended to address broader population health needs.

FemBridge’s commitment to delivering personalized, community-centric healthcare solutions has driven the development of Inclusive CareBridge. By leveraging the same principles that made their women’s health platform a success, FemBridge aims to enhance healthcare accessibility, inclusivity, and outcomes for diverse populations.

Key Features of Inclusive CareBridge:

  1. Custom Community-Based Ecosystem: Utilizing a proven model that integrates healthcare providers' offerings and community-based organization resources, Inclusive CareBridge ensures that every individual is identified regarding SDoH insecurities, educated about available resources, and reassessed to ensure their needs were met.

  2. Closed-Loop System: By maintaining a continuous feedback loop among patients, healthcare providers, and community resources, Inclusive CareBridge ensures individuals are educated on resources based on their specific insecurities, leading to better health outcomes.

  3. Multi-Language Accessibility: Available in over 240 languages, with an audio reader and color code selection to address literacy challenges, making it accessible to a diverse user base.

  4. Advanced Data Analytics: Inclusive CareBridge employs cutting-edge data analytics to identify social needs, health trends, map Z-codes, and personalize interventions, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of resource coordination.

  5. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Designed with inclusivity at its core, the platform breaks down barriers to healthcare, making it accessible to underserved and marginalized communities.

  6. Mental Health Screening and Referral

  7. Primary Care Coordination

Co-Founders of FemBridge, Maggie Huether & Traci Quillen, stated, "We are thrilled to introduce Inclusive CareBridge, which represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide equitable healthcare solutions. By expanding our proven SDoH assessment tool and community-based ecosystem model to population health, we are addressing critical gaps and ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to achieve optimal health outcomes."

The announcement of Inclusive CareBridge marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of healthcare delivery. As FemBridge continues to innovate and expand its services, the company remains dedicated to fostering healthier communities through collaboration, technology, and a deep understanding of individual health needs.

For more information about Inclusive CareBridge and FemBridge’s initiatives, please visit or contact:

Media Contact:

Maggie Huether,

About FemBridge:

FemBridge is a leader in personalized healthcare solutions, specializing in the development of community-based ecosystems that empower individuals to achieve better health outcomes. With a focus on women's health, the company has expanded its vision to encompass population health, driving innovation and inclusivity in healthcare delivery.

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