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Introducing FemBridge

Press Release - ICB Launch

Oct 15, 2023

Bridging the Gaps of Maternal Health

Inclusive CareBridge, a committed organization dedicated to eliminating health disparities and promoting health equity, achieves this goal through personalized, proactive, and compassionate Social Determinants of Health interventions. We offer immediate access to resources for individuals facing disparities and engage in personalized coaching outreach and support. 

We are delighted to introduce our FemBridge solution!  FemBridge is a comprehensive and empathetic solution dedicated to empowering women throughout their transformative journey from preconception to postpartum. We recognize that women's health extends beyond medical parameters, and thus, our approach is holistic and personalized. By addressing Social Determinants of Health, providing Access to Technology, implementing Maternal and Fetal home monitoring, delivering personalized virtual coaching, and prioritizing mental health screening, support, and treatment, FemBridge ensures that every aspect of a woman's well-being is considered and cared for. We go beyond conventional healthcare, fostering a proactive and supportive environment that not only prioritizes physical health but also attends to the emotional and social dimensions of the maternal experience. At FemBridge, we believe in empowering women with the tools and resources they need for a healthier, happier, and more confident pregnancy and postpartum journey.

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