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Revolutionizing Equitable Healthcare Access and Outcomes

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Who We Are

At Inclusive CareBridge, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by eliminating barriers and ensuring it's a universal right, not a privilege.

We are committed to providing solutions for equitable, accessible healthcare through innovation and collaboration. We empower individuals with health literacy, leverage technology to bridge gaps, and address socioeconomic disparities.

Inclusive CareBridge embodies a deep belief in transformative healthcare. We unite in our quest to build a world where healthcare is a bridge, not a divider.

Together, we forge a brighter, healthier future grounded in equity and inclusivity.

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Not Just An Organization 

Inclusive CareBridge is an inclusive and patient-centric health access and resource solution.

Inclusive CareBridge is not just an organization; we represent an inclusive and patient-centric healthcare delivery solution.


Research consistently underscores the significant role, ranging from 30% to 55%, that social determinants of health (SDOH) play in shaping health outcomes. Hospitals, health plans, and both federal and state programs are increasingly recognizing the profound impact that addressing SDOH has on individuals' physical and mental well-being, thus emphasizing the importance of gathering SDOH data in order to deliver comprehensive solutions to remove barriers.

Inclusive CareBridge embodies an innovative approach to improving healthcare accessibility and our mission revolves around eliminating health disparities through inventive approaches that assess social determinants of health (SDOH), resource coordination and education around community based organizations to support insecurities, broaden technology and bandwidth access accessibility, and  individualized coaching guidance.

Our objective is to eradicate healthcare inequalities, improve patient outcomes, and enhance overall quality of life.

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What We Do

"At Inclusive CareBridge, we firmly believe that healthcare is a basic human right. Our mission is to break down the barriers that have long prevented equitable access to quality health and maternal care. We are excited to collaborate with healthcare providers, payors and self-insured employers to make a lasting impact on patient lives."

-Traci Quillen and Maggie Huether 

Co-Founding Partners at Inclusive CareBridge

Our Partners

Working With the Best Partners to Achieve the Best Results

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